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Bedbugs are becoming an increasingly problematic pest in homes, businesses, schools and even hospitals everywhere. Communities are being held hostage by the blood sucking insects who invade homes without detection until they have infested the entire area and caused irreparable damage to the inhabitants. These tiny creatures cling to fabrics throughout the home, and torture adults, children and pets that come in contact with them by biting them, causing painful and unsightly marks and rashes that only a parasitic insect can supply.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are small parasites that feed solely on blood. They enjoy warm areas, which is why blankets, beds, and pillows are their usual hiding places — and is how they received their name. They can go completely unnoticed, as they usually come out at night, and bite their hosts — you, your children and pets — while they sleep, and return undetected before you know what happened.

Treatment Options

As beg bug cases begin to rise, thanks to their unknowing spread from home to home and even through moving companies who reuse packing blankets, professional treatments are becoming more and more costly. In addition, these options may require more than one application, which means your extermination bill could triple before any concrete results are delivered! Don’t waste your hard earned cash on expensive services, when you can get rid of the problem yourself.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself

When you are tired of expensive, so called solutions that only result in a costly bill, it is time to get rid of these monsters on your own using Fabriclear! This do it yourself spray allows you to douse your comforters, pillows, blankets, drapes and curtains with an easy to apply solution that is only toxic to the bed bugs! It is completely safe for you, your family and your pets and can be used as often as you would like in any area of the home.

Why Choose Fabriclear?

Fabriclear allows you to handle the beg bug problem in your home swiftly, without being subjected to the overbearing price tag of a professional service. This cost-effective approach to pest control allows you to handle the infestation problem directly by applying the solution to the problem areas throughout the home. What’s more is that its non-toxic composition is safe for children, pets and visitors of all kinds, so you will not be asked to leave your home while a stranger goes to work on the problem.

An Ohio homemaker named Sandy noticed a red rash on her toddler son’s arms and legs, and quickly became concerned that he had a medical condition. Upon a trip to his physician, she was advised that they were bed bug bites, and she immediately sank into a depressed state of helplessness. With a little research, she hired an extermination crew who advised that ridding her home of the pests would be a lengthy process. In return for the expense, Sandy woke up after six weeks of service to find the same red bumps on her body. Outraged, she began researching an at-home solution, and came across Fabriclear.

How Else Can You Find Them?

One of the most common methods for detecting bed bugs is to encase your mattress, pillows, and sheets in a clear plastic and then expose them to heat. One easy method of doing this is to take all of your sheets and pillows, put them in a clear plastic bag and put them out in the hot sun. After a few hours, the bed bugs will suffocate and then drop to the bottom of the bag. If you find bed bugs in there, then you probably have them throughout your home.

Another increasingly common method of detecting bed bugs is by using dogs who are specifically trained to find bed bugs. This is a somewhat new method, but one that can work very well. A dog can smell the infestation and will be able to tell you just where the bed bugs are located throughout your home.

Can These Harm You?

Not only are bed bugs are pretty unpleasant thing to have in your home, but they can transmit diseases, cause allergic reactions, and leave scars. They are enjoy travelling with you, so when you stay in a hotel room, or sit in a movie theater seat, you can take your bed bugs with you, leaving them for the next person. For this reason alone, getting rid of them can help you and everyone else, too.

What Can You Do About Them?

There are several methods of bed bug removal, and once you have used one of the above methods for detecting bed bugs, then you will want to make sure that you get rid of them once and for all. The most expensive choice would be a professional exterminator, and although they will often provide a guarantee, they might well quarantine your entire home for days, leaving behind toxic ingredients for you and your family. There are also chemical products that you can use at home, but they tend to be somewhat dangerous for homes with families or pets.

What Else Will Work for You?

Another popular product these days is something called FabriClear. This is a safe and natural product that you can use to treat all types of bed bugs, mites, eggs, and larvae, and eliminate them from your home. This product can be used around pets, and it can also be used on all of your home’s surfaces, including your bed, carpeting, furniture, and clothing. One of the major benefits of this product is that you can take it with you, making it the ideal solution for people who travel. FabriClear is available at a very affordable price, and is one of the most effective methods for killing bed bugs around today. 

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