Bed Bugs sucker Extermination with Heat Treatment.

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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment.

In the early 1940s and all through the 50s, DDT along with other chemicals were put to use for getting rid of bed bugs. These kinds of chemical compounds, even though efficient in getting rid of bed bugs along with other pests, proved to be harmful to human health and hazardous to the natural environment, also. The result is a quick ban on the use of DDT along with other such insecticides. Consequently, many bed bug extermination companies have avoided using these chemical substances to remove pests.

Today, on the other hand, safer and non-toxic options from a bed bug exterminator are available for many property owners. This is in the form of heat treatment for bed bugs, which employs high temperatures to get rid of these unwanted pests. This heated air is circulated in an area of the property, that is then raised by the bedbug exterminator to about 150 or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermal death point of a bug is at 125 degrees Fahrenheit and this method should go on for up to many hours.

A bedbug exterminator will make sure that the temperatures are increased swiftly along the way. If the temperatures are not elevated quickly, the bed bugs may get away from the treated spot and may come back all over again when the treatment is done. Bed bug extermination companies will make sure that the heated air is distributed appropriately to keep these unwanted pests from escaping into cracks inside the house.

Heat treatment for bed bugs can efficiently get rid of adult bed bugs, nymphs, and their eggs. Research shows that bed bug adults and nymphs die fifteen minutes after the treatment with appropriate heating. Their eggs could take a lot longer, nevertheless, as it would take eight to twelve hours to eventually eradicate their young.

Exterminators will make sure that their customer’s appliances are secure over the course of treatment by unplugging every electronics. Thermal blankets for equipment and selected home furniture should be utilized during the treatment. If they’re too delicate, it’s always best to put them in a safe area.

Furthermore, furniture crafted from wood may also be damaged during the treatment, so it’s advisable for property owners to talk to a bedbug exterminator concerning how to protect their home furniture. Once the process is done, the company that provided this service will examine the home if it is, indeed, bug-free.

Heat treatment for bed bugs is probably the safest methods in getting rid of these pests today. The task itself is not harmful to human or animal health, and toxic chemicals are not used. Unlike chemicals, bed bugs are not known to be immune to heat treatment.

This approach, even though it involves the use of super-heated air, is just not dangerous and special equipment is employed for this that will not harm any of the residents in the home.

Bed bug extermination companies can provide this particular service to virtually any location in New York City. Homes, apartments, offices, and hotels can gain benefits from a pest management service that targets and eliminates pesky bed bugs in furniture.

Do Non Toxic Bed Bug Sprays Really Work 

If you have a problem with bed bugs and are at a loss as to which non toxic bed bug spray to use this review is for you.

There are quite a few non toxic bed bug sprays on the market now. Here I have reviewed three popular brands which will hopefully help in allowing you to make an informed choice at a time when you need to take action quickly. Choosing a bed bug spray which turns out to be ineffective is not only a waste of good money but can be very frustrating.

Product Name: Bed Bug Patrol

Bed Bug Patrol is an all natural spray containing ingredients such as clove, peppermint and coconut extract all of which are powerful weapons when it comes to killing bed bugs but are completely harmless to humans and their pets. There is not need to wait for chemicals to dry before you can enter your own home! You can be assured that there are no pesticides or carcinogens to be found in this product.

Product Name: Eco Friendly Living

This bed bug spray has been shown not have adversely affect those who have allergies to chemicals and household cleaning products. By following the instructions closely and spraying directly onto the mattress, box spring, carpets etc. you will get the result you are looking for – dead bed bugs. Fortunately this bed bug spray does not have a strong unpleasant odour. It is recommended that the spraying is repeated daily for a week then every other day for a second week to ensure that any newly hatched bed bugs are eradicated. It has also been shown to be very useful for eliminating fleas and mites from pets without irritation.

Product: Kleen Free Naturally

Whilst this spray does kill bed bugs and many other pests it is not merely a bug spray to be used for infestations. It can be used as a general cleaning product It can be used anywhere in the house, car, hotels, motels and restaurants with non of the fears which come with pesticides and insecticides. If you are using this spray because of an infestation of bed bugs it is safe enough even to use as a detergent for laundering infected bedding, clothing and so on.

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