Facts about Raspberry Crazy Ants.

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It’s been already several years ago since crazy ants appeared in USA but now the same scenario is recurring and it is again not entirely under control. Now, a new breed of ants were declared under the animal kingdom named as “Raspberry crazy ants” and these tiny animals already hit major states in USA and one of its premiere victim is the state of Houston. This breed of ants started in Texas last 2002, but due to technology and other remedies to eliminate them, Texas controlled their increasing number of population. But now, the ants have their revenge and they already infested people in America and added other states on their list.

About Raspberry Crazy Ants

These ants were called as “crazy ants” because they are different from ordinary ants. We all know that ordinary ants have only one pattern when going for a food but these crazy ants are not like them; they are scattered and scurry in different areas when they are looking for food which is definitely hard for a homeowner to eliminate them. They have random pattern which cause homeowners to be confused on where to start killing these ants. Before the word crazy ants, there is a prefix word added on their names which is “Raspberry” and it refers not on the color or favorite food of these plants but for Tom Raspberry, (the very first pest controller who discover these ants in USA way back 6 years ago).

Unlike any other ordinary ants, these raspberry crazy ants are definitely inoffensive. Their bites do not cause any problems and it doesn’t sting on the top layer of our skin. But remember that although their bites are not that severe and can’t cause any issues, these ants are not safe to get touch on your body as they go for a battle in sheer numbers which may cause you to get down and been attack by their group. What is not good when it comes to raspberry crazy ants is that, they have the capacity to infest large area of property in just a single approach. They go for about billions of raspberry crazy ants and once the infestation was already established in good manner, such home owners will find them hard to be controlled and eliminated.

The size of their colony (term used referring to their habitat) is being compared to colonies of other mid-sized ants. Raspberry crazy ants do not consider their other fellow ant in the same colony a family because all of them are competing by resources they may found in such properties for them to live. If the ant from their colony encounters an ant, they will definitely go on it and start a combat, the one will be killed will stated to be the winner. Raspberry crazy ants are also territorial; they go in massive number to colonize other colonies for the extension of their territory. This means that raspberry crazy ants are considered as “super colony form of ants”. If there is no technology and inventions to eliminate them and absence of natural predators is not under control; it is undeniable that raspberry crazy ants in just a single effect can control the entire environment.

How to get rid of raspberry crazy ants?

When these ants invade homes and other industrial sites, they’re often draw such warm buzz of ant soldiers to infest that particular area. What is not good about this form of animal is that they also seek for appliances and other electrical equipment to be infested. These ants are capable of closing the loop of electrical connections causing it to encounter short circuit connections. They have already damaged a lot of electrical equipment like water stations, fire alarms, computers, and other appliances. This only means that these raspberry crazy ants are definitely having a great impact on the environment so controlling them is a must to consider. Scientists stated that there is still an extensive study being done to be able to know how to control the population of these crazy ants and on how to prevent their infestation. For now, here are some of the steps that you should follow for you to prevent raspberry crazy ants from attacking your property.

Ask for a professional help.

Acquiring help from professional individual is considered to be the very first step you shall consider for you to get rid of it easily. Call for a company that is capable of terminating these ants and ask to get rid of it immediately for your own benefit. At first, they will check where these ants came from and on do where their colony is for them to easily caught them and put under control.

Use strong insect propellant.

If you don’t want to spend money by just eliminating these ants, you can consider buying your own insect propellant that has the capacity to get rid of these stubborn ants within your property. There are available raspberry crazy ants killer in the market today that you can choose from. All you need to do is to look for their colony and start pouring or spraying the propellant in their habitat for them to be killed. However, you need to ensure that you are protected on your feet and in your hands as there will be a massive destruction came from their soldiers because of what you will do on their colony. Make sure that the queen of that colony will be killed to prevent them from coming back.

Kill the nest and eggs.

Aside from the queen of raspberry crazy ants, you also need to ensure that their nest and eggs are also killed for you to ensure that they will not multiply again. This step should be conducted during summer season wherein these ants are hunting and they live the colony.

Conduct drenching. 

This is considered to be the most effective way to eliminate these raspberry crazy ants in your property permanently. It is a form of exterminating these ants through the use of an organic liquid pesticide complemented with destruction of their colony. It can be applied at all types of ants and it is considered to be the most effective and affordable way to get rid of the colony.

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