How Do You Get Bed Bugs/ What do bed bugs look like.

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What do bedbugs look like and knowing how to smell if they exist inside your house.

Bed bugs in my eyes are sneaky hitchhikers, because their major means of long distance migration is by hiding on items that will be moved from place to place.  These critters are small and can hitchhike unnoticed quite easily.  Whether it is from jumping aboard a suitcase of an unsuspecting guest at a hotel, or hiding in a cardboard box coming home from a college dorm room; bed bugs know how to travel. 

How do you get bed bugs.

It is common that homes become infested when used furniture that has been discarded on the streets, bought at garage sales, or even purchased from furniture shops are brought into a home.  Think about it.  If your couch is infested with bed bugs wouldn’t you think of throwing it to the curb?  Try to avoid bringing home someone else’s problem when going furniture shopping or curb rummaging.  If you think that a piece of furniture is infested, you can try to salvage it by using. The Barrier Technique the concept of clean them out, seal them out, and starve them out still applies. The thoroughness of your inspection might have to be that much more intense without the sealing-in ability of mattress protectors because specific bed bug couch protectors are just not available yet.

How do you get bed bugs.

As aforementioned, bed bugs can travel by hiding on just about anything.  If someone visits a home that has a bed bug infestation, a bug can potentially hitch a ride home on clothes, bags, coats and anything in between.  Perhaps the worst thing about bed bugs is that they can live anywhere there is a host.  This means that paying extra for a 5 star hotel does not guarantee not having bed bugs.  Again, knowledge is power, so when visiting a hotel just check for some of the signs of bed bugs, even if it means pulling out the nicely tucked in bed sheets.  If you do find bed bugs, don’t let it be your problem.  Find a new room immediately. 

If your neighbor lives close enough to you, like in a semi detached townhouse, or condominium, the bed bugs can crawl along pipes, wires, through heating and cooling vents, the dead spaces between walls, and can even come in through outlets.  The bugs will crawl to new hosts if infestations are large enough that a single host cannot support the number of bugs, or if a host has moved out, or even if your neighbor is implementing a barrier technique.

How do you get bed bugs.

Once an infestation is found, the first thing many people do is launder bed linens and clothes.  If they don’t use adequately tightly sealed protection they can leave a trail of bed bugs along halls and in laundry rooms.  “All aboard the next laundry hamper!”

If you have bed bugs learn how to get rid of them by implementing a barrier technique to protect yourself, your spouse, and your children from bed bugs here – Bed Bugs How to get rid of them.

What do bed bugs look like.

Bedbugs are insects which is included in the family Ciminidae. Since they are insects, they’re somewhat small and some say cute. Yet, to be completely honest, bed bugs look nothing close to cute. They’re like the midget relatives of cockroaches. They not only bite and sting but they’re looks are quite creepy and would be associated with something dirty.

More specifically, bedbugs look like flat critters with six legs and wicked antenna. Most are reddish brown but they vary depending on their species. There are those which are darker and almost look like lice which are their cousins by the way. There are clear ones but still turn red when they’ve eaten – blood. Well, the colors don’t matter that much, they all bite.

Bedbugs are actually really small. In fact, most will not be seen by the naked eye. One would only be alerted with their existence when those red and itchy bites start appearing. Of course there are cases when you see giant bedbugs which are about the same size as an apple seed. When this happens, you should be alarmed for you are already infested.

From the instance you’ve seen the giant bedbug, you should be afraid. Not of the size but of the fact that they are already thriving inside your house. Also, they got that big because your family member’s blood. Although they are not able to transmit diseases, too many bites and one could go into shock. Plus he/she would be suffering from really nasty bites.

To stop this rampant spread and bedbug invasion, you need to exterminate them. It may take some time and effort, but you can surely do this task yourself. Just a heads up; even if you now know what do bedbugs look like, it wouldn’t be of much help because, as mentioned above, they are too minute and often time negligible to the naked eye.

One key in spotting these pesky little creatures would be their smell. This is no joke. One can actually smell them if he/she tries to be sensitive. Bedbugs actually elicit this sweet and at the same time, rotten smell of raspberries. Some claim that the more infested the room is, the closer it smells to almonds.

So now that you know the basic detecting if you are being infested by these annoying pests, you can already proceed to prepping your beds, couches and the whole house for a general disinfestations using a bedbug pesticide. By the way, pesticide containers always have pictures to answer your question of what do bedbugs look like.  Also, you may also read some other articles by different writers on our site for more information on what do bedbugs look like

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