How to tell if you have bed bugs.

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How to tell if you have bed bugs, well this is a question asked my many people, including yourself if you’re reading this.  If you are one who frequently travels or suspect that you may have bed bugs due to some of the evidence you have found on your bed or body then there are particular steps you should take to learn if you have bed bugs in your home. Knowing that there is a bed bug infestation in and around your home will save you many sleepless nights and eradicate a problem that can quickly and easily get out of control.

How to tell if you have bed bugs, at home or in a hotel

The best place to check is wherever you and your family may be laying their head down at night, the bed. Learning how to tell if you have bed bugs starts here because most bed bugs are active at night, and tend to feed where their host is, and that host is you and your family.You may need certain objects that are commonly found around your home, such as tape, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, as well as your eyes. Remove all of the linens from a bed, down to the mattress, and look for odd spots on the mattress, especially around the seam of your mattress and box spring. Look for dried spots on the mattress that look like dried blood. If you have a darker mattress and easier way on how to tell if you have bed bugs is to use the tape and inspect it with a flashlight or magnifying glass. You will also want to check behind the headboard and against the wall where it rest, as this is an excellent place for bed bugs to hide. 

Learning how to tell if you have bed bugs also requires you to positively identify a bed bug if you do happen to find one. Bed bugs are white to brown in color, but a bed bug that has been feeding is easier to identify as they are a rusty-red color, much like the color of blood.

These bugs are extremely small, no bigger than 0.5 cm or the size of an apple seed, so a magnifying glass and a flashlight will be your most useful tools to identify a bed bug.

You should also check and open cracks and crevices in these rooms too, especially around doors and floor boards using a putty knife or a business card. Swipe this into the cracks and if you find anything that resembles a bed bud, or dried blood you may have a bed bug problem. These are excellent place to look if you are looking into how to tell if you have a bed bug problem.

Professional if you can tell if you have bed bugs.

If you still aren’t sure of what you have found around your home then it is always best to call a professional pest control inspector. A pest control agent can explain to you how to tell if you have a bed bug problem, or can come take a look for himself and also help walk you through the process of alleviate the bed bug problem you have in your home.

Where do bed bugs come from.

Bed bugs are parasitic bug that feed off of another host, most commonly animals and humans. Bed bugs are small bugs, approximately 0.5 cm in size or close to the size of an apple seed and can be found in a variety of different places. While a common question to ask is Where do bed bugs come from That is very hard to determine. The question you should be asking is “How are bed bugs getting into my home?”, which is another way of asking where do bed bugs come from.

Traveling is one of the easiest ways to come into contact with bed bugs and bring them into your home, and these critters are found in almost every country worldwide. These bug are not just found on the bed of hotel rooms from infected visitors, but can also be found on luggage, various methods of transportation, such as planes, trains, and buses; just about anything that a bug can cling to and live on. Boxes and package traveling through the mail can also carry bed bugs. This is probably the most commonly related to problem when people are trying to figure out where do bed bugs come from and how they entered a home.

Contact a professional if you are wondering where do bed bugs come from, particularly a pest control agent who has experience dealing with this type of problem. These professionals can easily walk you through the process of how they can eliminate the bed bugs in your home and what you can do to find out if you have a problem.

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