Rasberry Crazy Ants – How to get rid of them.

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Rasberry Crazy Ants, also called tawny crazy ant were originally located in the Houston, Texas area of the United States.  They have now spread throughout the Southeast Texas area as well as Far East as Mississippi.

These ants particularly like warm and moist areas which makes Mississippi a target for these ants to set up housekeeping.  Like a lot of ant species, Rasberry Crazy Ants are attracted to electricity and electrical equipment wreaking havoc as they chew threw electrical wiring.  This can affect everything from your home to your vehicle. 

Interestingly, when one of these Crazy Ants gets electrocuted, the dead ant releases a chemical which attracts the rest of the Crazy Ant colony and in no time at all there will be hundreds of ants chewing away at the electrical cord insulation.  This can cause expensive electrical bills from having to hire an electrician to rewire everything they have chewed through.

Getting Rid of Crazy Ants

Weaken the colony by removing food and water sources.  These ants love heat and moisture.  As with most ants, they love sweets so you may find them near honeysuckle plants and melons in your garden.  The goal is to be able to kill off the Queen as she produces the larvae which increase the colony numbers.

Remove all water sources such as leaking outside faucets, leaking plant pots and bird baths.

Make homemade ant traps mixing boric acid and sugar (1 to3 ratio).  Then add water until the mixture becomes like soup and last but not least add a teaspoon of peanut butter and mix this all together.  Pour or spoon the mixture into plastic containers and place them around your plant pots, leaky faucets and near their hills.  The ants will be attracted to the sugar and peanut butter and when they go back to their colony the boric acid will kill them.

You can also spread organic fire ant bait around the affected areas in your yard.  This is best done in late summer or early fall for the best results.  Put this bait around any Crazy Ant mounds you find in your yard.  Then put an organic liquid insecticide around the same mounds on top of the fire ant killer.  This generally takes care of any remaining ants within the colony.

Place all your pantry sweets such as sugar in plastic Ziploc bags to prevent ants from entering your pantry.  Clean the pantry of any spilled sugar or other sweet confectionaries that you may store there.  If you have an open bag of cookies, place them in Ziploc bags as well.  

Pour a border of dry molasses on three sides of the ant colony to direct them to go somewhere else and away from your home and garden.  

Plant Catnip, Pennyroyal, Peppermint, Sage or mint around your home and property. These plants act as a repellant to this particular species of ant. And your yard will smell nice at the same time.  

If all else fails consider getting an Aardvark as a pet. They will definitely take care of the ant problem in your yard and believe it or not they make good pets.

Natural Ant Repellent:

Synthetic ant poisons and repellents are full of toxic chemicals and covered with health warnings, so it’s no wonder that many people opt for a natural ant repellent instead. Natural ant repellents are gentle on the environment and don’t pose risks for the people or pets living in the house.

Cinnamon: Although it won’t harm them, ants won’t walk through cinnamon if they can help it. Sprinkle it around any known entry points, such as by the door or cracks in the foundation. Also, if you have an infestation, you can sprinkle it on the area to disperse the ants immediately. Once they leave, you can take more permanent measures. Added bonus: your house will smell great.

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