Something to Kill Bed Bugs in Economical Ways

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Get Rid Of Bad Bugs:

How to kill bed bugs has always been a problem of the whole society. It just seem like no matter what you do with them, they always find their way back to your home! Now, you are wondering why they won’t leave you alone! I have here a set of ideas how you can eliminate bed bugs to your life in 5 cheap but effective ways.

Bed bugs are everywhere. You could see them in all parts of the world and they could hide in all possible places you can think off. Commonly, they love to creep under your mattresses and couches. They love dark and warm places that are accessible to their food and that mean human blood.

Bed bugs do not feed solely to human blood, but they seem to love it very much compared to other animals’ blood. This fact just makes these creepy crawlies very annoying! No matter if you did all the stuff to kill bed bugs, still they come back to you.

Something to Kill Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are known to be persistent pest. You cannot get rid of them in just one blow! You need to follow up your actions until they are finally gone.

If you would say things like “that is what I have been doing for years!” and yet you haven’t get rid of them, then maybe you are doing it wrong!

Before apply any stuff to kill bed bugs, you first need to locate where they are. Bed bugs may not gather only in one place of the house. There might be few colonies in different areas of your house. You need to find them all. Look through the cracks on walls and floors, they might be hiding there somewhere!

Economical Ways on How to Kill Bed Bugs:

Killing bed bugs in an effective ways does not mean you have to spend a lot of many! Look around your house, there could be anything or something to kill bed bugs with. You just need to be a little innovative to do it.


I have mentioned this in a lot of my article. Bed bugs will die in heat at 120° F, but applying higher heat level can be an assurance that you have them killed. Try up to 140° F. o do this, you will need stuff that will create steam. You may use steam cleaners.

If you can’t find anything, I would recommend an electric kettle, then attach a short hose on where steam is coming out and direct it to where bed bugs are. This stuff to kill bed bug can be handy when you want to reach places like holes and crack on the walls and floor. You need to be really careful in handling stuff like this. You might burn yourself if not careful.

Aside from steaming you could also try exposing stuffs to the sun, but this would require longer hours and repeated process.

Chemical Insecticide:

Stuff to kill bed bugs can be sold at your local groceries. This includes the insecticide that can be in spray form.  There are specific brands that you can use by yourself without the aid of experts. However, you will need to read precautions for your own safety.

Sprays with “permethrin” as an active ingredient can be very effective to kill bed bugs at home. Spray these directly on clusters of bed bugs. Bed bug eggs can sometimes be a little hard to eliminate by this method. You may want to crush them manually if you want to be sure, just use some gloves while doing this.

I find bed bugs very gross insects. I hate to find them crawling anywhere near me. Their bites are very annoying and very itchy; they seem to leave marks on my skin even weeks after the bites are healed. I hope these ways on how to kill bed bugs will help you.

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